Medical Oxygen Concentrator




James Medical Oxygen Concentrator apply zeolite molecular sieve as shift , adopt advance physical theory (PSA) to separate oxygen and nitrogen in air, at the same time filter bad substance in air ,so as to get pure oxygen for medical use.


          Adopted PSA (pressure swing absortion) technology

          France CECA sieve analysis

          Longer life span. Lifespan is more than 10,000 hours, which is twice of others

          Low noise , noise is lower than 45db. Adopt multilayer noise reduction design

          High purity oxygen 93% + or - 3%, 4 layers filter systems to make sure high purity oxygen

          Machine starts fast , which can obtain high purity oxygen within 2 min

          Power Supply : AC 220 50 Hz

          Weight : 22 Kg

          Dimension : 490 x 270 x 560 (mm)

          Model : 5L

          Flowrate : 0 - 5L/min