Gas Arc Group  2004
  Gas Manifold
Gas-Arc Manifolds are designed with two sets of cylinders, standard sizes are from 2 x 1 up to 2 x 6. This allows one set operational and the opposing set on standby.

Larger sizes or custom built frames can be designed to suit customer requirements.
All manifolds are supplied on a rugged galvanised steel frame, suitable for wall mounting, or with legs, (optional extra for floor mounting.) The cylinders are restrained by chains fitted with snap shut clips.

Gas is supplied to the Manifold via H.P.Connecting Arms, into the Manifold Header Pipe, which is secured to the steel frame. Each cylinder inlet is protected by an H.P.Non Return Valve to avoid cylinder back filling. The Manifold Header Pipes are fitted with Isolating Valves connected onto the Regulator Mounting Block, again each Header Pipe is protected by a Non Return Valve, for additional safety.

The Gas-Arc Manifolds are manufactured to operate at 230 Bar (3380 psi). They are designed using a 4:1 material strength ratio, and comply with BCGA Code of Practice CP 4.